• Darlene Brooks, Peniel S.D.A. Community Service Center

    The Peniel Community Service Center appreciates the valuable services that the Harry Chapin Food Bank provides to our community. Without the help and support of the food bank it would be impossible to provide food to many of the people in our community. We are grateful to this great organization, its workers and the volunteers.

  • Fred Cull, Cape Coral Caring Center

    During our fiscal year (ending October 1st), we served over 14,000 individuals equating to 4,323 families to whom we gave 79 tons of food-We could not do - What we do - Without Harry Chapin and the many other good folks.

  • Marlyn Kandra, Our Mother's Home of Southwest Florida, Inc.

    All the people at the Harry Chapin Food bank are very helpful and courteous. We rely on the food bank to help us keep our food costs down so we can feed our foster children healthy nutritious meals every day. The delivery people are always helpful and on time, this is important as we are only females and need the help lifting the heavy boxes.

  • First Baptist Church of Lehigh Acres

    Without our food bank helping our pantry we would not be able to assist the 6,000 a month individuals in our Lehigh Community. We have grown from a small pantry that originally served 150 people a month to the 6,000. The ability to order online and have that order delivered to our door step makes our work 50% easier. Each month they are providing us with various ways to stretch our dollar to provide the most food for these families. We need this food bank to survive!

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