5 Tips for Planning a Food Drive

Did you know that approximately 159,530 people in Collier, Charlotte, Glades, Henry, and Lee Counties do not have consistent access to nutritious food? Many citizens of Southwest Florida are plagued with food insecurity, meaning that a huge portion of our community is unable to dependably attain enough food for a healthy, active lifestyle. At Harry Chapin Food Bank, we are committed to leading hunger-relief efforts in Southwest Florida, by maintaining food distribution to more than 150 nonprofit partner agencies.

One of the most impactful actions our supporters can make is hosting a food drive! Food drives that benefit the Harry Chapin Food Bank are a fun way to mitigate the effects of food insecurity and aid hunger relief in your community. With a little bit of work, food drives provide an opportunity to inform, encourage and involve all participants in understanding and addressing hunger issues in the community. Here are five tips to planning a successful food drive.

  1. Set a Goal
    Setting a goal or objective is a great way to start planning in the right direction. Determine how many pounds of food or number of items you wish to collect from the get go. Others will be more inclined to donate when there’s a set number in mind! Don’t be afraid to think big! Setting a measurable goal is super helpful in gauging your success when the drive is over.
  2. Pick an Effective Date
    Food drives can be held any time during the year! Members of your community may be more inclined to donate during the holidays, but often times, food drives are needed most during the summer months. It’s common that food drives slip to the back of our minds during the summer. This time of year becomes a critical time for food banks and pantries.
  3. Notify the Public
    Getting your local community involved in the drive is the most effective way to really make a splash on hunger relief! Registering your event through a free platform for nonprofits allows you to share your food drive on social media platforms, invite friends, and even track any monetary donations you may bring in! The more people involved in your food drive, the easier it is to reach your goal!
  4. Make It a Themed Event
    Especially if your food drive is located at an office or business environment, adding a unique theme is a great way to put a spin on a traditional food drive! Try Mac & Cheese Monday, Tuna Tuesday, or a day to bring complete boxed meals. Other ideas can include a competition aspect, or casual dress day in return for a donation!
  5. Plan Your Collection
    Be sure to cover all the planning details before the time of your food drive. Note where you will be taking collections-- if your organization is quite large, consider having multiple collection centers! Your collection center is a great way to attain publicity for your drive, make sure it’s in a public area! In addition, your drive should have large, sturdy containers for collection. If you are unable to provide your own, HCFB can provide you with boxes!

Use our Food Drive Packet to get all the details on hosting your own food drive. If you are unable to plan one of your own, donate to HCFB online!

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