The Recipe to Fight Hunger, Feed Hope in 2016

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HCFB Toby recipe blog

By Toby Ives

Interim President and CEO

It works! Discover, beg, or borrow a great recipe; gather a wide variety of high quality ingredients; put them together in a well-appointed kitchen; cook or cool in ovens and coolers; and then present a fine meal, a gastronomic delight!

At the Harry Chapin Food Bank the recipe is our mission statement. We have gathered high quality ingredients including staff, partner agencies, volunteers, donors of food and funds, in-kind gifts, and the support of many people. Our “kitchens” are the main warehouse in Ft. Myers and the branch warehouse in Naples. 

Working together with recipe in hand, we have distributed 20,325,171 pounds of food and grocery products  in 2015 through more than 150 partner agencies. That translates to  16,937,642  meals for individuals and families in our five- county area who, all too often, have not had enough to eat.

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While the results of our work are a blessing to many,  the work itself is a blessing. It is a blessing to you, each of you, who support the mission with your time, talents and gifts. Religious texts, the writings of the founders of our nation, and the deep stirrings of our individual hearts tell us to care for one another and particularly for those who are the least fortunate. You have expressed that care through your support of the Food Bank mission. Please receive and embrace the blessing that is yours!

Our work is not done.  Just as in for-profit businesses,  our facilities will need upgrades, our trucks replaced, our electric, fuel bills, and insurance premiums paid. There are many expenses running a business, be it for-profit or not-for-profit. A big difference is that our customers do not pay us.

That being so, we rely on you to continue to support the mission and the work we all do together. To all who volunteer, donate food, funds and services, and support the mission in so many ways – Thank You!

If you have not yet supported the food bank, please consider doing so today. Call 239-334-7007 or visit to contribute your time, treasure or talent.

May you and yours be well, peaceful, at ease, and happy as you continue on your journey through 2016 and beyond.

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