Gifts of Food

Gifts of Food

There are many benefits to being a food donor to the Harry Chapin Food Bank. Such benefits include:

Reducing Warehouse Costs

Help your business by donating your overstock, package damages, label errors, near-dates, and other food stock problems to the Harry Chapin Food Bank. Our professional staff will promptly receive and remove your donations.

Obtaining a Tax Deduction

Current tax laws may permit your company to deduct costs - plus one-half anticipated profit. We have a fact sheet but please check with your tax preparer.

Building Employee Pride

Build a sense of community service among your employees and a precedence of corporate responsibility, as well as a value of serving the hungry in society.

Spreading the Products to Reach the Many in Need

A large gift of food products to the Harry Chapin Food Bank filters down through the 150+ member agencies we serve in the five counties of Southwest Florida. This process allows a donor of food products to serve many more people by donating once, rather than attempting to spread out the food distribution.

Assuring Proper Processing of the Food Products

Only approved, non-profit tax-exempt charities and churches receive the food from the food bank. These charity agencies are monitored for food handling safety and proper distribution (food for the ill, the needy, and children).

Please help us become more effective at bridging the gap between hunger and waste.

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