Annual Giving

Annual Giving

The Annual Fund of the Harry Chapin Food Bank is made up of current gifts that are vital to efforts to alleviate hunger in Southwest Florida. Dollars that go annually to support the operating budget of the warehouse operations must be replenished each year with current gifting. Current gifts are often referred to as "outright gifts" and represent one of the most common ways that donors provide support to the Food Bank.

The Harry Chapin Food Bank is always seeking Annual Fund support - private gifts, corporate/agency support and community gift support. All Annual Fund dollars - without exception -- go into providing food for the hungry.

Ways to Give

There are several ways in which you can make a current gift - payable to the Harry Chapin Food Bank:

  • You can make an Unrestricted Donation (To be used towards the general operating expenses)
  • You can make a donation to a particular portion of the annual budget - e.g. transportation, warehouse operations, food procurement.
  • You can make a donation in support of a particular program, e.g. A Fresh Start (our fresh produce Program), Kids Café, our Holiday Meal program, or to support expansion of services to a particular geographic area.
  • You can make a donation to underwrite our services to a particular agency or agencies, or to purchase highly desirable foods.
  • You can contribute by check, bank draft, credit card or other fund.
  • You can make a recurring pledge and contribute monthly, bimonthly or quarterly.

Please know that privacy and respect are important to us. If you have concerns about sharing sensitive information, note our Core Principles of Stewardship - or contact us.

We will be pleased and proud to answer any questions, give you a warehouse tour, share any financial records, introduce you to agency representatives, have you meet with people who benefit from the food bank food supplies - in any way respond to your information preferences.

And do remember - every $1 donated to the food bank provides $6 in actual food products provided to feed the hungry. It would be hard to find another "investment" that has such a positive return! Also, according to our most recent audit (ending June 30, 2011) 96% of every dollar donated goes directly towards the program and mission of fighting hunger in Southwest Florida.

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