Stewardship of Funds

Stewardship of Funds

The Harry Chapin Food Bank takes its responsibility for the stewardship of funds very seriously. We know this is important to you and to all of our primary stakeholders that invest in the food bank as a reliable and efficient way to serve the tens of thousands of hungry people in a five-county service area each month.

Our Affirmation

The food bank embraces the following core principles of stewardship applying to voluntary gift support and to our development efforts.

Confidence and Integrity

We recognize that each person who provides voluntary gift support to the food bank, as well as each prospective donor, has the right to full confidence in the food bank and in the integrity of our functions and operations.

Sincere Concern

We recognize the importance of demonstrating sincere concern for the interests and well-being of donors and prospective donors and to discern a direction for their philanthropy that honors and respects their wishes.

Giving Support

We recognize that people can and do give generously to the food bank in many individualized methods. Support is provided through gifts of food and food products,contributions of volunteer time and resources, cash donations, bequests, memorials, tributes and gifts of property or other assets.

Public Trust Commitment

We recognize that the food bank holds a public trust to alleviate hunger in Southwest Florida and must continually demonstrate our commitments to merit such trust.

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