Culture and Values

The Harry Chapin Food Bank’s staff believes in these values:


•Move quickly
•Get things done
•Hold yourself and others accountable for results

•Provide solutions, not just problems
•Display optimism
•Be friendly and respectful
•Be fair

•Provide facts to support opinions
•Don’t exaggerate
•Speak up

Humanize Communicate Fun Believe

Humanize: We put a human face on hunger to help the community understand who is hungry and why. By humanizing food insecurity, we help overcome stereotypes.

Communicate: We are all interconnected in the fight to end hunger. Food bank staff members are also ambassadors for the food bank and its mission. Our job is to inform, educate, raise funds and advocate.

Fun: We work hard to make a difference and have fun while doing it.

Believe: We believe that there is a hunger problem in our community and that it takes hard work, commitment and teamwork to solve it. We believe that we make a positive difference.