Agency Resources


Training and Education

Agency Partners are invited and encouraged to access links to educational and nutritional information provided through various organizations.

  • A national organization of member food banks, including HCFB, and the leading hunger relief charity in the US


  • Feeding Florida is the state’s network of food banks working to solve hunger. The statewide network unites 12 member food banks to provide a healthy, adequate, and consistent food supply to every community every day.


  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the USDA Emergency Food Assistance Program, including nutrition information and recipes.


  • All partner agencies are certified in food safety. To obtain your food handler’s certificate visit the website to take the online course.


  • The manual contains policies and procedures Harry Chapin Food Bank partner agencies must follow, as well as non-discrimination information and and other forms.

    This supplement contains additional information and policies specific to USDA/TEFAP agencies.

Branded Partner Logos

  • Harry Chapin Food Bank logo

    Below you will find a variety of Harry Chapin Food Bank logos in different orientations and color palettes so that you can use what will best suit your layout and background. Just click on the images to download the logo you need. If you are referring to Harry Chapin Food Bank in text, please note that we are to be referred to as “Harry Chapin Food Bank” rather than “the Harry Chapin Food Bank.”

    Color Palette

    Below we have provided the specific pms color profiles we use in our logo:

    • Red 1807c
    • Blue 540c
  • Photo

    Click images below to download.

    Clients – Jeff and Gina
    Mobile Pantry – Truck
    Mobile Pantry – Volunteers and Clients
    Mobile Pantry – Parkside Elementary
    Mobile Pantry
    Mobile Pantry – Volunteers and clients
    Clients – Amigos Center
    Clients – Family
    Agency Distribution
    Agency Distribution
    Agency Distribution
    Agency Distribution
    Agency Distribution
    Agency Distribution
    Agency Distribution
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