Nativida 640 480 Harry Chapin Food Bank

Collier County, FL

Nativida seemed calm and steadfast amid the storm of uncertainty and fear swirling around her due to the coronavirus. She waited in line at the drive-thru distribution held by Harry Chapin Food Bank at the Golden Gate Community Center and said she is not afraid. She says her faith will sustain her.

Nativida works in home health care, but her last client  moved up north to stay with his family during the crisis.

She cares for her four children and her brother lives with them. She is also a nursing student. The future is uncertain, But Nativida is resilient. “I’ve had a very tough life,” she said. She’s been laid off before, once after working at the same job for 15 years. She will survive. She also has something to look forward to:  A new granddaughter to love.