Lemon-aid for the food bank

Lemon-aid for the food bank 150 150 Harry Chapin Food Bank

Aubrianna Zanni

Lemon-aid for the food bank

When Aubrianna Zanni learned that her school was still planning to hold a lunch distribution for students, even though the school was closed due to the pandemic, she was surprised. Over dinner, her family talked about the fact that some kids don’t have enough to eat. Then Aubrianna, 8, heard one of her classmates say that she went to the school to get lunch. “Aubrianna then became concerned about people not having money for food,” said her mother, Nicole Zanni.

So Aubrianna and a neighbor came up with the idea to set up a lemonade stand. She made $246 on an early Saturday in May and decided to donate it to Harry Chapin Food Bank. Then she decided that just wasn’t enough. So she held another lemonade stand and made another $756.

Aubrianna’s realization that many children may not know where their next meal is coming from inspired her to take action. She raised a total of $1,002.