The only ingredient missing is YOU

The only ingredient missing is YOU 675 400 Harry Chapin Food Bank

For many, Thanksgiving means three essential things: gratitude, family, and food.

It’s a time when we join with loved ones, gather around the table, and give thanks for one another and the meal we are about to share together.

Gathering around that table this year may be harder than usual for some of our neighbors as food prices skyrocketed, inflation soared, and housing costs increased—making it now even more difficult than ever to find a way to provide a Thanksgiving dinner for their family. Even hard-working families like Gina and her daughter Ava can find it challenging in ways they never have before.

“We come from a big family,” Gina said when she and Ava visited a Harry Chapin Food Bank Fulfill Mobile Pantry recently. Usually, she looks forward to big family gatherings, but “now we’re all struggling. It’s been a very rough couple of years.

Gina has noticed that many people in her community cannot afford what is now a high cost of living. Without the assistance of the food bank, its partner agencies, and programs, she said her family would be able to celebrate with a traditional meal. As a cook at a local restaurant, Gina is excited to prepare a turkey, make green bean casserole, and treat everyone to her sweet potato pies. With the food bank’s help, she will be able to provide these same things this year for her own family to continue the tradition.

With your help, families like Gina’s WILL celebrate Thanksgiving. Harry Chapin Food Bank can purchase today’s high-cost foods more efficiently by leveraging major manufacturers and retailers instead of paying retail grocery prices.

This means providing more neighbors in need directly with fresh, nutritious foods. Food and community are at the very heart of what we do at Harry Chapin Food Bank—making this an extra special time of year. With a network of 170 agency partners, dedicated volunteers, and generous supporters like you, our goal this year is to help ensure all families enjoy a meaningful and delicious Thanksgiving dinner—WITH YOUR HELP.

Please make a gift today to help families, children, and seniors facing hunger this holiday season.

Providing essential food items honors the dignity of those we serve. Let’s make sure no one is facing hunger this year at Thanksgiving! Every $10 you donate provides food for enough nutritious and delicious food for up to 20 meals.

Your gift makes a significant difference for families and individuals— helping parents feed their children, providing meals to senior citizens on fixed incomes, and giving hope to other neighbors who need it NOW. More than ever!

On behalf of those we serve, our staff, and our volunteers, I sincerely thank you for your generosity and hope you will continue supporting Harry Chapin Food Bank again this Thanksgiving.