Raising funds and making it snappy

Raising funds and making it snappy 150 150 Harry Chapin Food Bank

Raising funds and making it snappy

Owen Fredella wanted to raise money to help those struggling in the coronavirus pandemic, but wasn’t sure how. The 10-year-old was outside playing one day and saw one of his neighbors showing kids how to make bracelets out of multi-colored rubber bands by weaving them together.

He ordered a kit and decided to make them to sell to people to help fight the coronavirus. The cost was $1 each, $2 if he had to mail them.

The top-selling colors were red, white and blue, but a lot of people also ordered their school colors, said his mom, Jessica Fredella.  While brainstorming how to use the funds, they saw a news clip on TV talking about food banks in need.

Owen’s goal was $200, but he raised $1,470 for Harry Chapin Food Bank. Many of his donors paid more than $1 for the bracelet, and others didn’t want a bracelet at all – just to donate to the cause.