Food is Love.

Food is Love. 1239 786 Harry Chapin Food Bank

Think about what happens around a dining room table, people gather, families gather. And at that table more than just food is shared, love is shared. People share their lives, they share their ups, their downs, their joys, their happiness and even their sorrows. Food is love.

Now imagine there is no food around that table.

For people like Sharon, her table is lacking nutritious food. Sharon has faced unpredicted challenges these past 18 plus months due to the pandemic. Her industry was turned upside down, and her income has suffered. She can’t make her ends meet. Sharon gathers around their dining room table with her children and share love, but they all go to bed with tummies that are not satisfied.

This Thanksgiving, people like Sharon can turn to Harry Chapin Food Bank to ensure that their dining room table will be full of cherished family recipes. Our food distribution programs reach families like Sharon’s across our five-county footprint so that no one has to go hungry. Food is love.

We give thanks to all who help make sure that Sharon and her family will have plenty of food on their table this Thanksgiving. We give thanks to all who partner with us as we feed more than a quarter of a million people each month. We give thanks to all who share our belief that food is love.

Can we count on your support during this Thanksgiving to bring food and love to our community?

Food is love. These three words drive our mission to lead our community in the fight to end hunger.