Client Stories

Pumpkin Pie Croissant Bread Pudding

Pumpkin Pie Croissant Bread Pudding 572 382 Harry Chapin Food Bank

INGREDIENTS 5 -7 day old good quality Croissants and depending on size 1/2 cup raisins or (1/2 cup chopped pecans is optional) 1-2 teaspoons dark rum 3 cups milk 1…

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Food is Love.

Food is Love. 1239 786 Harry Chapin Food Bank

Think about what happens around a dining room table, people gather, families gather. And at that table more than just food is shared, love is shared. People share their lives,…

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Bridging the Hunger Gap

Bridging the Hunger Gap 1071 535 Harry Chapin Food Bank

Harry Chapin Food Bank has been in Debbie’s life for over ten years. Debbie, a single mother of two, received a diagnosis from her doctor she never thought possible. She…

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Coming Together to Feed Families in Need

Coming Together to Feed Families in Need 2560 1699 Harry Chapin Food Bank

It only takes a few minutes to see that Immokalee residents Shy Vasquez and her husband, Christopher, are wealthy. This wealth is not reflected in their bank accounts but lives…

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Lisa Petriccione

Lisa Petriccione 592 324 Harry Chapin Food Bank

Lisa Petriccione has always carried on the family tradition of helping feed the hungry. Now she is on a mission to help keep those who distribute food for Harry Chapin…

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Eneida 1072 804 Harry Chapin Food Bank

Eneida, a single mom, doesn’t ask for sympathy. She started working in the Immokalee fields at age 13.

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Dace 640 480 Harry Chapin Food Bank

Dace Vella was proud of never having to take any help from anybody in her life.

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Bill 800 1014 Harry Chapin Food Bank

Bill lives in a car that’s more than 30 years old.  “Cheap, cheap transportation and very dependable,” he said. His circumstances became known after the car’s transmission died and the…

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Elaine 400 400 Harry Chapin Food Bank

A long time ago, Elaine once worked for Donald Trump as a blackjack dealer in an Atlantic City casino. She is twice widowed. When her first husband died of cancer,…

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Sam 400 400 Harry Chapin Food Bank

Sam received a food kit at a Fort Myers partner agency from the food bank’s Care & Share: Senior Feeding Campaign. He also received some fresh corn along with the…

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