Harry Chapin Food Bank Update

Harry Chapin Food Bank Update 900 462 Harry Chapin Food Bank

Friday, July 9, 2021

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Your food bank has been distributing an average of a million pounds of food each week for quite some time. This means that we have also been receiving roughly a million pounds of food in our warehouses each week. The sheer volume of food that we are managing is astonishing. The logistics required to serve a quarter of a million people each month is incredibly complex. Our parking lot has been overrun with tracker trailers delivering food.

Even with the challenge of navigating Tropical Storm/Hurricane Elsa this week, we distributed 719,614 pounds of food and received 652,374 pounds of food. This incredible level of volume is made possible by the thousands of partners that share our commitment that no one should go hungry. We are thankful for the many that help us lead our community in the fight to end hunger.

If you are well, able, and willing to volunteer, please click here to sign up.

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