Harry Chapin Food Bank and the Coronavirus

Harry Chapin Food Bank and the Coronavirus 2798 1642 Harry Chapin Food Bank

Friday, February 12, 2021

Philanthropy, a word with Greek and Latin roots, means the love of humanity. Yesterday, we participated in “Give Where You Live Collier,” a campaign that is built on the premise that everyone can be a philanthropist, one who loves humanity. Even those who do not live in Collier County can be a philanthropist through this campaign, as a donation to this campaign in our name allows us to redirect funds for our five-county footprint of Southwest Florida. And helping with financial gifts through this campaign will multiply your food bank’s ability to feed the quarter of a million people who struggle to buy food each month.

This week, we rescued 228,075 pounds of food to help others, yet we distributed a total of 940,589 pounds of food into our five-county footprint. That gap has been covered with purchased food. Prior to the pandemic, our business model was based on the rescuing of food throughout our community. We would only spend $37,500 a month on purchased food. Due to the pandemic, we now spend $1,000,000 a month on purchased food. We are forecasting this purchase rate through the end of 2021 and into 2022. Our ability to makes this happen rests firmly in your philanthropy.

The philanthropy by which we meet the goal of feeding families has grown into new formats. This month we have partnered with WINK News to March to a Million Meals. Our WINK Feeds Families Hunger Walk had to be canceled due to the pandemic. Thankfully, philanthropy runs deep with our friends at WINK News, and they share in our concern for the lost revenue that we faced by not having our Hunger Walk. From that concern, March to a Million Meals came alive. We are deeply grateful to WINK News and to the hundreds that have responded. This March to a Million Meals will run through the entire month of February, so you can take part too in this philanthropy and make a difference! Click here to make a gift.

We are so grateful to the many of you who made gifts. We are also so grateful to the many that give your time. You have shown that philanthropy reigns in your hearts. We celebrate you! We give thanks for your generosity.

If you are well, able, and willing to volunteer, please click here to sign up.

If you are looking for food, please click here.