Harry Chapin Food Bank and the Coronavirus

Harry Chapin Food Bank and the Coronavirus 800 518 Harry Chapin Food Bank

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

As we find ourselves in a surreal world due to the Coronavirus, we can see equal amounts of beauty in the love shown by so many. Your food bank has a front row seat to the ugly and beauty in our world today.

The ugly is seen in the countless cars that line up for food. Thousands of people who normally do not need the help of your food bank, suddenly find that they do not have jobs and their future is full of uncertainty. They find that their children are not at school and are without food.

The beauty can be seen among those who contribute to our mission.

We see beauty with each volunteer that steps foot in your food bank. While we do our best to ensure their safety, these change makers take some risk to ensure that those who are hungry are being fed. They are our heroes as we cannot do our work without them.

We see beauty in the thousands of masks we have received. So many of you have made masks, undoubtedly with love woven into the fabric! Our friends at Naples Community Hospital have also provided us with masks. Thank you for providing us with the tools to help keep our staff and change makers protected.

We see beauty in the 5,500 gifts (and counting) received since this pandemic began. Our mail carrier has started to bring us mail in trays. Much to our delight, many of the gifts include notes of encouragement, thanks, blessings, and prayers. It is so beautiful that so many of you feed the souls of our staff when we feel discouraged by the sheer numbers of those who need of our help.

We see beauty in our partner agencies as they do their best to maintain social distancing while meeting the overwhelming need. We know it isn’t easy, but it is an act of love and we celebrate them.

We see beauty in the hundreds of phone calls we field. So many of you offer tips, thoughts and concern for those who are hungry, and reaffirm your commitment to bringing our mission to fruition. Our staff is often overwhelmed and inspired by how our community is pulling together to meet the growing need.

Your food bank is keenly aware that this is a marathon and not a sprint. There is more work to be done. Your food bank is proud to be the safety net of the community. Your food bank is grateful.

Thank you for showing us beauty in this test of our humanity. Thank you for being a part of the beauty. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are truly grateful.

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