How have you supported your food bank and the community we serve in this time of pandemic? Let us count the ways. Actually, there are almost too many to count. They are generous gestures, large and small, unique and creative. All are heartfelt. All are raising funds in support of our efforts to feed those who suffer from the impact of the coronavirus on their lives and livelihoods.

We are grateful for your ingenuity. We are inspired by the caring you show for your neighbors in this time of adversity. Your efforts feed our enthusiasm and redouble our resolve to make sure that our community is fed as we navigate this crisis. Harry Chapin Food Bank is here when you need us.

Here are 13 examples of the different ways our supporters have used their skills and creativity to help others who are struggling. We invite you to come up with your own unique way to support our mission. Thank you for continuing to help feed the need!